A light in the County, we are here offering our help, whether it be prayer, Bible studies, friendship or salvation. We are a family based church offering programs and services to people of all ages! 


In this day of an ever changing society, we serve a never changing God.


If you are looking for a Spirit filled, life changing place of worship then your search ends here. Come and experience the tangible presence of God and anointed preaching of the Absolute Truth! 


Our church family is warm and welcoming and we can't wait to meet you!


We also offer Free Home Bible Studies! Please contact the church for more information!




Pastor and Mrs. Harwood both have a genuine kind, caring and compassionate hearts for the people in their church, as well as the people withing this community. They love meeting new people and welcoming visitors in with open arms and friendly smiles.


Pastor Harwood is a Full-Time Pastor, making himself available daily for the Church family, as well as those in the community. He enjoys teaching Home Bible Studies and he is willing to meet with individuals or couples, either in the comfort of their own home or in his office at the church.


He is a great man of God and has dynamic messages that he preaches to the church every week. If you're looking for someone who is full of zeal and compassion, then we invite you to come and hear a message from Pastor Harwood! Your life will be forever changed.


Pastor and Mrs. Harwood are excited for what God has done, is doing and will do among the people of Prince Edward County!